This week I’ve decided to pull out some Star Trek items. I watched the show (TNG) with my wife all the time. I remembrance of those times, Here are the top 5 items at random for you.

Star Trek decanter

Instead of Earl Grey hot, You could go Synthehol on the rocks. Especially after a hard day in engineering.

Star Trek Dress

This dress would be great for Halloween party or cosplay.

Illogical T-shirt

Ever wanted to say somebody’s argument is invalid. Well this shirt will make this easy.

Star Trek Commuicator

Multi function Bluetooth communicator for your phone. Enables you to communicate in the coolest way.

Star Trek messenger bag

Check out this cool bag of carrying. Design from TNG ship. Holds up to 15″ laptop.

Klingon Batleth

Imagine having this lovely piece of work on your fireplace mantle. I’d feel sorry for those who broke into your house.

That’s all I’ve got for today folks. I’m trying to keep to a theme each time I do this. What theme should I do next?


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