Board Games!!

Here is a group board games I've collected recently, click the Board games!! link to check them out. Board Games!!

32 Christmas gift idea’s for your geek

I made a list of what I thought would be awesome gifts for your friends or family. Check them out! Cards Against Humanity   No I will not fix your computer!   Magneto Longboards Buffalo Bills Hickory Smoked Jerky   Coffee Table with refrigerator (man...

Ready for Halloween this year?

It's time for Halloween!  I picked out some of the coolest costumes I could find for adults and kids. Soilder 76 Mask The Soilder 76 mask from the video game Overwatch.  Looks pretty awesome. Adult Reaper Costume  You want to be the tank killer?, Well here he is. If...

Star Trek Fans rejoice!

This week I've decided to pull out some Star Trek items. I watched the show (TNG) with my wife all the time. I remembrance of those times, Here are the top 5 items at random for you. Star Trek decanter Instead of Earl Grey hot, You could go Synthehol on the rocks....

Top 5 Cool Items I found on Amazon

I just thought I'd put together a small list of items that I found on amazon that I thought were pretty cool. Check'em out. Crayola Crayon Maker Where has this thing been all my childhood. I remember having so many broken Crayons I could have salvaged.  ...

Really getting stocked now

Hello anyone, everyone. So I've really got the ball rolling on stocking my store. Finding new places for cool stuff.  Still slow in process, but getting there eventually. Now to find people like me, see if they like the same things as I. Till the next time!

Geekyninja Site Birth

Hello all, This site is dedicated to the curation of geeky items and gear that I find interesting. I've built this site using information on the web and help of my wife. I'm doing it as a hobby to learn. Maybe It will become something more? But for now, It's just for...

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